Nothing irks my sleep like seeing the land of my birth become a negative reference point among the comity of states. My heart yearns daily for a better Taraba. Long have we hoped in despair, long have we wailed and wished, long have we prayed, but the help we seek will not come from without; the help we seek will come from among us.

Nothing stops skyscrapers from littering the Hammanruwa Way, or heavy industries in the suburbs of Jalingo, Wukari, Gembu, etc; nothing stops us from being the tourism capital of Nigeria; nothing stops us from exporting our vast agricultural produce or generating the highest IGR in the country; our potentials are limitless, our reach is as far as we so wish.

Alas! The gloomy days are over. We can be who we so wish to be. From the little boy in the classroom to the tomato seller in Lau market to the Imams and the Priests that officiate in our worship centers, it is time to take charge of our destiny and reroute this ship to greatness.

Let the sweeper on the street sweep excellently; the civil servant his/her best; let the politician carry the burden of the people at heart; let every seed of my fatherland work with the consciousness that a higher power looks at us from above.

I am confident, this is the dawn of greatness. I call on my brothers and sisters alike, no matter our religious, political, or intellectual differences, to join hands to move our state forward. This is our home, this is our heritage, this is our place of birth and pride!

Our roads will be built again. Our land and schools will function again; our farm produce will be exported, investors will find a haven in our state. Let us come together to build our land, the Sun is rising, greatness beckons! We are nature’s gift to the nation.

I am Mu’azu Jaji Sambo, Minister of State, Works and Housing. I am a humble servant of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, from Taraba, of Taraba by Tarabans.

Long live PMB in excellent health!
Long live Taraba State in greatness!!
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!