Zainab 2

It’s been a roller coaster of emotions for me in the past few days. Tears ebb and flow down my aging eyes. Albeit, not all tears are evil, it has been tears of joy. A wise man once said, “when the heart is full of joy, it spills down the eyes in refreshing tears”. Seeing my dear baby sister, Zainab Abubakar Ibrahim emerge as the Deputy National Women leader of our great party, The All Progressive Congress (APC) gives me a nostalgic recall.

Indeed an Amazon emerges from the Mambilla.

Our relationship dates back to days of yore. My father of blessed memory, the late Alhaji Muhammad Jaji Sambo Sintali, and her father, Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim Sarkin Ayyuka were the best of friends. We almost mistook them for inseparable twins, who shared the same principles, had the same view of life, and were men of notable reports in their days. Zainab was our baby sister, whose grit, zest for life and tenacious mien distinguished her from her peers. One could easily assert from that tender age that she was destined for greatness.

“Aunty Zee” we know the stuff you are made of, remember the daughter of who you are. You have risen to this position at a time our nation needs the unique fervor of the female political players, so make good this opportunity.
When the tale is told in years to come, it will be said you were the best that came and gave your best.

Mu’azu Jaji Sambo, the Honourable Minister, State, FMW&H, and Zainab Ibrahim Abubakar, the New Elected Deputy Women Leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

You are our Amazon, our pride, our daughter, and now our hope.
The task ahead of you is huge. I am however comforted with your dexterity, cerebral prowess, and political maturity. I can confidently attest that you are positioned more than ever before to execute the mandate of your office. 

Zainab! Never forget home. We are in these exalted positions today for the honor of our nation and the eventual betterment of our state.

You are Taraba born, Taraba bred and so let’s feel the impact of your emergence in the streets of our homeland, let our dear party feel the greatness you carry.

I will always be your big brother. I will always believe in you and won’t cease to pray for you. I dare say, we are proud of you.

Congratulations my dear sister. 
You have done us proud.

I remain your brother, Mu’azu, who by the grace of God is today the Minister of State, Works and Housing, I am a humble servant of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, from Taraba, of Taraba, and by Tarabans.

Long live our Dearly Beloved PMB.
Long live Our Great Party.
Long live the Taraba Nation.
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.